The U.S. House Speaker appeared in New York today to participate in a bill signing — not for a federal piece of legislation, but a state one.

Why? That’s unclear. But what was clear is that something is not right with Nancy Pelosi.

The House Speaker suffered several face spasms as she spoke prior to Gov. Andrew Cuomo signing a new gun control bill.

In remarks that lasted about 13 minutes, Pelosi said, “I say to my colleagues in the Congress frequently, the survival of our children is much more important than your political surviv— survival,” suffering a face spasm.

Another one struck she she tried to say “salute”.

Pelosi had a jaw problem when she said “legislation”.

She used one to many M’s and said “minside maneuvering” when she talked about the tag-teaming of legislators and outside groups — the same ones she derides as “dark money” entities when they oppose her agenda — pushing to pass progressive bills.

“So let us thank all of the outside groups for what they did to make this a success,” she said of the so-called “Red Flag” gun control bill, before repeating her words and muttering under her breath, “to make this a success.”

She had a hard time speaking as she talked about risks to society.

“…keeping guns out of the hands of those who are a risk to themselves and others through ex— ext— extreme risk protection orders,” she said, carefully saying each word as she tried to prevent further slurring.

Towards the end of her remarks, she said, “I’m very proud of our, our, our, uh—” before trailing off and staring at the audience. “Well, the whole Congress of the United States…” she continued.

Pelosi went on the sign the New York state bill at John Jay College after Cuomo had affixed his signature.

It’s not clear why a federal official signed a state bill, she she has no authority to do so.