When Americans were asked if they’d rather have the Green New Deal or a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, most opted for the wall.

The recent poll of 1,212 registered voters conducted by Remington Research Group found over half of respondents – 51 percent – preferred a border wall to the Green New Deal, the plan proposed by freshman Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to “transform” the country through government programs allegedly aimed at addressing climate change.

“The Green New Deal is a set of proposed economic stimulus programs introduced by House Democrats that aim to address climate change and economic inequality. The Green New Deal proposes retrofitting every existing building in the United States to maximize energy efficiency. The estimated $7 trillion proposal also calls for a job guarantee program, as well as universal health care and basic income programs. Knowing this, do you support or oppose The Green New Deal” the pollster questioned.

Fifty-two percent of voters overall opposed the GND, and 29 percent said they support it. Nineteen percent were unsure. Support from Democrats, ironically, was slightly lower. Only 51 percent told Remington Research they support the plan, while 26 percent were opposed and 23 percent were unsure.

Opposition to the GND also increased as the pollster informed surveyed voters about details in the GND, such as the estimated cost of retrofitting buildings to comply with new regulations, money for people who won’t work, and mandatory enrollment in government healthcare.

The final question of the survey, Question 6, asked:

If you had to choose, would you rather the United States government spend $5 billion on a border wall, or $7 trillion to fund the Green New Deal?

Only 31 percent of voters opted for the GND, and 18 percent were unsure.

When broken down by ideology, conservatives favored a border wall 79 percent to 10 percent for the Green New Deal, with another 10 percent unsure. Voters who identified as “moderate” also opted for the border wall by 43 percent to 39 percent for the GND, with 18 percent unsure. Fifty-seven percent of liberals would rather have GND, while 32 percent were unsure. Only 11 percent of liberals favored a border wall over the GND.

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The breakdown was similar for Republican, Democrat and non-partisan affiliations. In general, men favored the border wall slightly more than women – 55 percent versus 47 percent for the wall.

Remington Research Group highlighted some of the fault lines in a release Wednesday.

“Democrats support The Green New Deal by a 25-point margin (51% support, 26% oppose), while Republican and Independent voters overwhelmingly oppose the proposed legislation,” the statement read. “Independents would prefer a border wall to The Green New Deal by a 2-1 margin, while Republicans would prefer a border wall by a 68-point margin.”

In other words, many independents seemingly side with Republicans on the border wall and opposition to the GND.

“The Green New Deal has presented an interesting situation for Democrats. Democratic voters support this legislation, while the rest of the country overwhelmingly opposes it,” RRG President Titus Bond said. “It will be interesting to watch Democratic leaders and presidential hopefuls navigate this issue with their base while still appealing to mainstream voters.”