House Democrats passed H.R. 1 today, a bill aimed at more federal control of elections, and allowing illegal aliens to vote.

Addressing the media before the floor vote, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had trouble speaking during brief remarks.

“In this cold day on the outside, we will go inside where the political climate will be much warmer for the American people because,” she said, gulping, “of the action that we will take today.

“We’re thrilled to be here again on the steps of the Capitol,” she continued, grabbing an American flag from the podium after being promoted by the script, “waving our flags with this outstanding freshman class in a show of great unity.”

The embattled Ilhan Omar, who has made repeated anti-Semitic comments since joining Congress, was among the group Pelosi praised.

“When our freshmen took the oath,” she continued, her voice weakening, “they made a difference, ensuring the priorities of their communities,” stumbling through the word, “would be the priorities of the Congress.

“Now today we’re honoring the people’s trust as we pass our transformative,” gulping again, “H.R. 1, for the For The People Act,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi apologized for struggling to speak.

The House Speaker continued her remarks by accentuating her words so limit her slurs and flubs.

Pelosi argued the bill “honors the vision of our Founders, gives hope to the American people that their interests are served, and so when we break the grip of special interest and put the people back in the hands— the power back in the hands of the people,” she said.