Savvy smugglers in Mexico are using young children as decoys to distract U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents and move people and drugs into the country, a serious problem illustrated in a video posted to Twitter on Monday.

The video, posted by CBP San Diego, shows exactly how it’s done, and why a bigger, better barrier could make a big difference.

“Last night, a human smuggler dropped two young Salvadoran girls, 6 and 9, from the aging border barrier behind concertina wire,” the post read. “As agents vacated their patrol positions in response, 10 people crossed illegally nearby. They eluded capture.”

It’s a fairly simple operation. The smuggler is seen dropping the two girls from the Mexico side of the fence into the U.S., then walking back to his car on the nearby road and simply driving away.

The incident appeared to have occurred at dusk, and CBP agents immediately respond to offer medical attention, pick up the girls and transport them to a nearby station for processing.

Minutes later, video shows 10 people scurrying across the border into the night.

For many who watched the video, the message seemed obvious: “San Diego needs a bigger & better WALL!” Firefly posted.

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“And the Dems don’t think there is a problem at the border,” Jack Stovall added. “Apparently the Dems idea of a problem differs greatly from what normal people think.”

The incident over the weekend isn’t the first time CBP San Diego posted about ways an improved border wall could drastically reduce illegal immigration.

“Aging border barriers in East County #SanDiego were dismantled and driven through twice this month,” agents posted on Feb. 17. “Last Thursday, agents operating near #Campo, CA discovered tire tracks heading north from the border fence. After a search, agents located an abandoned truck and 24 illegal aliens.”

“This morning, another truck concealing 22 illegal aliens breached the aging border barrier in east #SanDiego. When #USBP agents responded, the driver rammed a USBP vehicle in an attempt to flee,” according to a Feb. 21 post. “The driver then exited on foot and escaped south. All 22 passengers were arrested. #CBP”

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The posts were accompanied by photos of the flimsy barrier toppled over to allow the vehicles through.

Other CBP San Diego Twitter posts feature videos of agents testifying to the effectiveness of improved border barriers and explaining how they cut down on drive-throughs that were once far more common.

“The wall that’s behind me that’s currently under construction buys my agents a significant amount of time,” CBP Chief Rodney Scott said in one video. “Vehicle used to be able to turn off this freeway right into the United States. Here’s an example of one I seized early in my career with over 1,500 pounds of marijuana.

“This infrastructure buys us time so we can leverage the technology in other areas, or even in this area. … We have to be able to win the time-distance game. We have to be able to slow people down with barriers.”

President Donald Trump plans to use about $8 billion from the country’s military and defense budgets to fund ongoing construction of his signature campaign promise, and he’s seeking another $8.6 billion in new funding in his 2020 budget.

Democrats, meanwhile, have vowed to fight against funding a wall, with many calling for the elimination of Immigration and Customs Enforcement entirely.

Trump’s border wall plans are based off a 2017 U.S. Customs and Border Protection request for 722 miles of new or improved barriers along the border. So far, about 111 miles have gone up or are currently under construction, according to Reuters.