I visited BetoOrourke.com and all I got was an offer for a lousy $30 tote bag.

If you visit Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s campaign website, you won’t have a clue what he stands for, but you can buy a really cool gear and give him money.

Bloomberg’s Epstein made the observation on Twitter:

“Don’t yet see a policy section on betoorourke.com but there buttons to donate and buy merch,” she reported.

Sure enough: There are options for “Shop,” “Jobs,” and “Donate” — accompanying a picture of O’Rourke indicating he is a prolific sweater.

Maybe he needs to hire someone to tell him what he believes.

In the shop, fans of the Irishman who appropriated a Hispanic name can buy t-shirts, hats, buttons, signs, and even a tote bag for $30.

For some unknown reason, “Beto” opted for a black-and-white color scheme, as opposed to the traditional red, white and blue.

Who cares — “Beto For America”!