Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke didn’t really do anything in Congress, but he brought “vitality” to the House, according to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

During a news conference today, one of his former leaders was asked what she thought was O’Rourke’s “signature accomplishment” during his 6 years there.

“Beto brought a great deal of vitality to Congress. One of the issues in his— a, as— I haven’t been asked this question but I just know of his record here. Uh, when he came, he came as a real champion for the environment. He got a great deal of support from the environmental community in his district,” Pelosi said.

“He won in a primary on that subject. And it also he was a member of the Armed Services Committee of, uh— strong member of the Armed Services Committee which is very important for his district, so in preserving our planet and protecting our people there are at least two areas in addition to his vitality in so many other ways,” she said, before praising “all” of the Democrat candidates.

When asked if she thought his time in the House is a “strong enough foundation” to serve as President, Pelosi slammed President Trump.

“Please, yes. The answer is yes,” Pelosi responded with a laugh.