Moments before a healthcare roundtable was set to begin in South Carolina today, Bernie Sanders’ campaign pulled dozens of empty seats just feet from the stage.

The Charleston event at the ILA Hall was small to begin with.

ABC News 4 posted to YouTube its raw video of the event:

Several minutes before panelists took their seats, this was the view to the left of the stage. Note the section of seats on the left:

Here’s the section to the right of the stage, shown as the camera panned the room:

They’re empty about 10 minutes before Sanders appears (with a bandaged forehead from a lost battle with a glass shower door, reportedly) — that’s not unusual.

But after Sanders entered, there were empty seats in the front and third rows, as evidenced in the lower right of this screen grab:

As the camera moved about 10 minutes into the event, it revealed the chairs to the right of the stage had been pulled away:

Here’s another angle:

After the camera reset, it revealed the smallness of the event — and more empty seats:

More empty seats:

Another shot shows the area where there had been seats is devoid of fans:

Here it is very empty: