Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is known for infuriating left-wing activists, particularly when he focuses his no-nonsense style on debunking the mainstream media myths about race and diversity and crime.

Police reports on the mobs of protestors that have repeatedly threatened his family at their home show he knows a thing or two about hate crimes.

The Washington Metropolitan Police Department this week released an incident report regarding one of the protests at Carlson’s DC home last November, when Antifa-linked Smash Racism DC sprayed an anarchy symbol on his driveway, pounded on the home and ultimately forced his wife Susie Carlson to call 9-1-1.

The police released the report on the incident – described as a “suspected hate crime” with a “hate bias/motivation” of “anti-political” – several months after Judicial Watch submitted a Freedom of Information Act request.

The report’s Public Narrative:

On the listed date, (Susie Carlson) reports she heard loud banging and pounding on her front door. (She) went to investigate and saw a large group in front of her home. They had a bull horn and were chanting loudly. She retreated to a room in the rear of her home and summoned police. MPD arrived on scene and found a group of approximately 20 people. It was discovered that unknown persons spray painted an anarchy symbol on the driveway. There were also signs left on the vehicles parked in the driveway as well as a sign left on the front door of the home. The signs made reference to (Carlson’s) political affiliation.

The report shows police seized six “hand-written posters” as evidence. There was also video of the love and acceptance leftists were screaming through a bullhorn at the Carlson home.

According to WND:

“Tucker Carlson, we are outside your home,” one person could be heard saying in the since-deleted video. The person, using a bullhorn, accused Carlson of “promoting hate” and “an ideology that has led to thousands of people dying.”

The incident last November was reportedly carried out by the same group that targeted Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife, Heidi, as well as Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, in separate publicity stunts at Washington area restaurants last year.

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The radical left was at it again this month, when mobs again targeted Carlson’s home and Fox News headquarters in New York City.

During the protest at Carlson’s home last Friday, eight wildly dressed freaks – several in banana costumes – heckled the TV host and his neighbors with cheesy chants and outlandish claims of racism, according to a video of the stunt posted by Breitbart.

“This right here is the house of Tucker Carlson, the leading figure in American racism today,” said one of the men in a banana suit.

“We hope you do lose your job, and you can’t afford to live here in this fancy house with a poodle in the back yard and have to go back to wherever you’re from,” another lady, wearing a pink wig and carrying a fake baby, shouted into the blowhorn.

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“Tucker, we’re here because you’re racist, sexist, you’re anti-gay, and we’d really wish you’d go away,” she continued.

Ironically, folks who actually know the Carlsons told the group they are “really nice people and good neighbors.”