Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a bright idea to stop gun deaths in America: a ban on “semiautos.”

AOC’s proposal is undoubtedly inspired by a ban on semi-automatic weapons imposed by the government in New Zealand this week following a shooting at two mosques that left 50 kiwi dead.

It also exposes the freshman congresswoman from New York City’s very limited knowledge of firearms, and how they’re used to keep Americans safe.

AOC posted to Twitter Thursday in response to an article in the Indianapolis Star about a group of teachers who complained about getting shot with plastic ‘air soft’ pellets during recent active shooter training.

“You know,” she wrote, “instead of training children teachers, houses of faith, & concertgoers to prep for being shot, we could just:

– Pass Universal Background checks (#HR8!)

– Disarm domestic abusers

– Mandate safe storage

– Ban bump stocks, semiautos, & high cap mags designed to kill people”

By semiautos, it’s presumed that AOC is referring to firearms that shoot multiple rounds between reloading, which includes the vast majority of guns in the world today.

A “semi-automatic” firearm is simply one that self-loads bullets between shots, and they’re commonly used in law enforcement, hunting, target shooting sports, home defense, personal protection, and countless other legitimate uses. AOC’s security detail carries “semiautos.”

And like every weapon ever created in the history of mankind, “semiautos” are designed to kill.

“A ban on all semiautomatic firearms. This is a gun ban,” Carmine Sabia posted in response to AOC’s tweet. “They are coming for your guns. Either that or she does not comprehend that near every gun in the United States, including handguns, is semiautomatic.”

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Others politely informed the congresswoman that several of her so-called solutions are already law.

“What? If you’re a domestic abuser, it’s already illegal for you to own guns,” Josh Franz wrote. “It’s one of the questions on form 4473 which you fill out before you get the background check.”

“The state does check along with the FBI right after the form is filled out,” he added. “And if you lie on a federal form you can be arrested for fraud. So don’t lie on federal forms.”

Also, President Trump already banned “bump stocks.”

In February, Washington-based District Judge Dabney Friedrich upheld the move. The new rule, imposed through the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, was challenged by gun rights advocates, but Friedrich ruled in favor of the ATF’s authority to “interpret and apply the statutes that it administers,” including adding bump stocks to the definition of machine guns. Machine guns were outlawed 80 years ago, Reuters reports.

The bump stock ban, announced by the Justice Department in December, followed Trump’s pledge to ban the devices after a gunman used them to shoot and kill 58 people during a Las Vegas music festival in 2017, according to the news service.