The LGBT Center in New York City has no tolerance for gay Americans who walked away from the Democrat party.

Brandon Straka, founder of the #WalkAway campaign, had scheduled a town hall meeting at The Center next week for ex-Democrats who left the party to support President Trump or become conservatives.

The Center came under intense pressure from liberals to cancel the event, and now it has done just that. Via a statement:

Upon further review and consideration, The Center has cancelled the March 28 Walk Away event. We strongly oppose censorship and fully stand by our commitment to free speech, but as our space use policy states, we reserve the right to cancel any event that promotes discriminatory speech or bigotry; negatively impacts other groups or individuals that use The Center; or conflicts with, or interferes with, Center-sponsored or produced programming. It has become clear that this event would violate all of these important policies.

The Center blamed the panelists for the cancellation:

In recent days we have learned that certain of the panelists announced for this event have made repeated, well-documented past statements that violate our mission, values and the spirit of inclusiveness for all individuals and identities that is core to our work and who we are. Our space is a place of safety and refuge for those most vulnerable among us, and we will do everything in our power to protect that. Permitting this event to proceed would make many of our community members feel unsafe and, among other things, interfere with their ability to participate in other Center programming.

The Center said “the work to heal and rebuild trust begins today.”

Straka says he found out via Twitter.

“I am just finding out via Twitter that the has bowed 2 the pressure of the lies, dishonesty, & bullying of activist leftists,” Straka responded.

“Nobody at The Center contacted me. I am finding out now as u r from this twitter post. We will be pursuing legal action 2defend our RIGHTS.”

The Center didn’t identify which panelist it couldn’t tolerate or what statements they allegedly made.

They were to include Blaire White, a trans YouTuber; Iraq War veteran Rob Smith and writer Mike Harlow, according to the group’s website.