Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report into Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign found no evidence of collusion with Russia, and it’s causing a lot of “sadness and disorientation and disappointment” among Democrats, according to CNN.

Van Jones, a regular political pundit and social justice crusader, appeared on CNN Tonight to discuss the results of the nearly two-year investigation with host Don Lemon, and they both had a good laugh at fellow progressives who were hoping to use Mueller’s report to take down the president.

“I’ve been trying to tell folks for a long time that there’s no Santa Claus, there’s no Harry Potter with a magic wand, and I can’t tell you how many people over the years have come up to me – serious people with their hearts broken – saying, ‘But when Bob Mueller comes, man, he’s going to get Trump and Trump’s out of there.’ ‘Van, how many days do you think Trump has left?’ And I’d say, ‘Eight years if we don’t start working on real issues and not just talking about Robert Mueller all the time,’” Jones told Lemon.

Progressives banking on the report as the smoking gun that Trump did something illegal are still reeling from the “principle conclusions” of Mueller’s report, delivered to Congress by Attorney General William Bar on Sunday, that revealed no evidence of collusion between Trump or anyone involved in his campaign and Russians accused of interfering in the 2016 presidential election.

“And so now … there is an honest level of sadness and disappointment and disorientation among progressives and Democrats and I think it goes deeper than just, you know, what’s in the report,” Jones said.

“I think some of us actually feel the way we were raised was maybe wrong. That our parents told us work hard, be honest, be good people, if you’re a bad person you won’t have a good life,” he continued. “And I think some people look as some of the stuff President Trump does and they say, well that guy, isn’t that guy getting in trouble? If I did that at my job, I’d get in trouble. And I think people are just really struggling to come to terms.

“It is good the president was not up to no good with the Russians, but it’s still confusing to people. Why does he kiss up to Putin so much? Why does he want to meet with him by themselves? People are confused; well if it’s not that, what is it?”

Jones alleged Americans are also “heatbroken” the president will continue to “do stuff we can’t do and there’s no consequences.”

Jones and Lemon, a relentless critic of Trump, then contemplated why the president “tells so many lies.”

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The Mueller report offers rapid anti-Trump Democrats and confused progressives an opportunity mourn the passing of the Russia collusion conspiracy, Jones said, and it’s time for Democrats to move on.

“Some of my Republican friends thinks Democrats are just purely partisan, just hate this president and want to do bad stuff to him. There are some people who feel that way, but there’s a bigger group of people that are just confused. Why does the president do these things when it comes to Russia? Why is he so mean? And why come there is no consequence?” he said.

“I think we have to give people a chance to be sad about that, and to grieve about that, but then Democrats got to get back to work on real issues because this whole thing is just taking up too much time.”

GOP strategist Alice Stewart, a former communications director for Sen. Ted Cruz, didn’t disagree with Jones’ assessment.

“I think Van hit the nail on the head, Democrats are so hell-bent on being anti-Trump they’re becoming anti-American,” she said.