Video of students celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran at a Muslim school in Texas is raising eyebrows with chants of “Allah Akbar!” and “Khamenei is our leader!”

The Middle East Media Research Institute posted footage earlier this month after discovering video of the Feb. 17 ceremony on the YouTube account for the Islamic Education Center of Houston.

“My name is Morteza Kazemian, I am in the tenth grade. And today I want to talk more about the political side of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, and kind of look at America and the other western world’s influence, not only pre-dating the revolution, but also following it, in the years afterwards,” the student told the audience as he stood at a podium in front of a large poster of the Ayatollah Khamenei.

Kazemian explained the lessons he’s learned at the Houston school, and why he’s pledged his loyalty along with other students to America’s enemy.

“America and its allies decided that they had enough of the 1979 Islamic Revolution,” he lectured. “They continued to place harsh sanctions on the country and deemed it as a terrorist state. But my question to you brothers and sisters is would you put sanctions on a country that you are not fearful of? … Because in the end of the day, what this message of sanctions on the country of Iran is, is the idea that it continues to remain as an enemy towards America and all of its allies.”

The student then proclaimed the real purpose for U.S. involvement in the Middle East.

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“Because America has two end games in the whole Middle East region: To support Israel and to support Saudi Arabia,” Kazemian said.

Moments later, a man in the crowd shouted “Away with the humiliation! Away with the humiliation!” and students and others at the ceremony repeated the words.

The call and response chant continued with “Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar! Khamenei is our leader!”

“Despite these sanctions continuing on the country of Iran,” Kazemian continued, “we have not only seen success on a foreign scale, but also seen success on a domestic scale.”

Other clips from the Texas celebration featured younger students dressed in green Islamic headbands and shawls, reading from prepared lyrics as they sang: “Allah Akbar! Khamenei is our leader!”

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“Oh, Zahra’s beloved, oh, Heydar’s beloved – we are your followers, you are our leader,” the youngsters continued. “We are your followers, we are your soldiers, and together we can all be your power.

“May Allah always keep your hand upon us. … Oh, man of faith, oh, beloved of the nation, a warrior just like the Battle of Khaybar.”

The Battle of Khaybar was waged by Muhammad to gain control over the oasis of Khaybar from the large population of Jews who once thrived in the northern Arabian Peninsula. The battle, fought in the year 628, resulted in Muslims forcing Jews to surrender the area and give up half of their produce as a tribute.

MEMRI reports Press TV (Iran) anchor Marzieh Hashemi also appeared at the Houston ceremony via video call from the motherland.

Hashemi, a U.S. citizen born as Melanie Franklin in New Orleans, was recently arrested and detained by the FBI during a visit to the United States, WND reports.

A MEMRI video published in late February featured the “American-Iranian” anchor on Iran’s Channel 5 discussing why she chants “Death to America” alongside the country’s leaders.

“It’s not (real) death to America. The system must change,” she said. “This system causes oppression. My roots are black and red (Native American). I have lots of experience. …

“People usually love their country. But when people here chant this slogan, it’s different,” she said. “People in Iran are dying because of the American policies. In 40 years, many have died because of America’s actions. By this slogan, they want to show that they are discontent with America’s oppression.”