Democratic National Committee chairman Top Perez apparently isn’t concerned about courting voters who cast their ballots for President Trump in 2016.

Much like Hillary Clinton infamously describing Trump supporters as “deplorables,” Perez is now labeling Americans who support the president as “cowards” on the wrong side of history.

Perez made the comments during a discussion with Brandeis University Dean David Weil on Monday, and it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke.

“The thing is, they are cowardly,” Perez told Weil at The Heller School for Social Policy and Management. “I mean, history will not only judge Donald Trump harshly, it will judge Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan, and all the other cowards who refused to stand up to this president and allowed the party of Lincoln to die.”

Ironically, Perez won his seat at the head of the Democratic Party with a pitch about how Democrats need to better “communicate our message of opportunity and inclusion, that optimistic message.”

He told MSNBC shortly after the 2016 election that Democrats need to develop a 57-state strategy – which includes the territories and the District of Columbia – to build up outreach to rural and suburban areas where Trump trounced Clinton in 2016, largely because Clinton ignored those areas in key states.

“We’ve got to talk to people everywhere,” he said, according to PJ Media. “We’ve got to build a bench of candidates – if we’re going to take over the redistricting process, we’ve got to be running candidates for state legislature.

“And the way to do that is to get out there in the communities, not just in urban areas, but in suburb and exurb and rural America and talk to people and listen.”

Fast forward a little over two years and Perez is instead trashing Trump supporters on a liberal college campus, pontificating about the cowardly constituents his party is hoping to recruit to unseat Trump in 2020.

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“They will be judged harshly,” Perez said, “because whatever (Trump) says goes right now.”

Perez’s comments likely don’t matter much, because it’s certainly not the first time he’s said one thing and done another.

While running for the DNC chair, Perez argued that he was a better fit than then Rep. Keith Ellison, because the chairman needed to be focused on the party full time. Months later, he took a high-dollar teaching job at Brown University.

Then, after purging women and people of color from the top ranks of the Democratic Party, he promised the DNC would stay neutral in primary elections. He lied, and personally endorsed New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo over his more liberal challenger, The Week reports.

And while Democrat voters view the environment and climate change as a top issue, Perez reversed a ban last fall on the party accepting donations from fossil fuel companies, a policy that conflicts directly with the Green New Deal touted by several of the party’s candidates for president in 2020.