U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters told Politico last week that her relentless mission to “impeach 45” is on hold in the wake of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report exonerating the president of allegations his campaign colluded with Russia to sway the 2016 election.

“I think we do nothing now,” Waters said, suggesting Democrats should instead focus on reviewing Mueller’s report.

By Sunday, she was back to her old ways with wild accusations Trump is breaking the law and obstructing justice “before our eyes,” despite the fact that Mueller’s two year investigation came to exactly the opposite conclusion.

“I’ve said over and over again that I think he’s a deplorable human being, and I do believe that we must come to the point where we’re able to say that,” Waters told MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

“We have watched him lie over 8,000 times that’s been documented. You know, uh, we’ve watched him literally obstruct justice right before our eyes and I can count many instances I have concluded is about collusion,” Waters said.

Reid set Waters up to attack Trump on his efforts to control the flood of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border, suggesting threats to close the border and end aid to countries refusing to help solve the crisis is “directly threatening” to Waters’ home state of California.

“What this president is doing with the people who are desperate at the border is inhumane. It is absolutely not what a credible human being would do. It’s not the way a credible human being, who cares about people, would act,” Waters said.

“This president is saying to the world that we don’t care about hunger, we don’t care about people whose lives are being threatened, who are looking for some help,” the congresswoman ranted. “Our reputation is really being diminished with this president. Our allies have no faith in us, we have people who are not willing to stand up for us anymore because of this president.”

“It’s shameful and he needs to be impeached,” Waters said.

The remarks mark the second time in the last week Waters has seemingly flip-flopped on the best course of action for taking down her sworn enemy. Waters told Politico a week ago that impeachment isn’t a priority for her party after Attorney General William Barr released a summary of Mueller’s report the day prior, The American Mirror reports.

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“I think we do nothing now but concentrate on getting the information, getting that (Mueller) report,” Waters said. “(Impeachment has) never been discussed as a strategy for this caucus. It’s only a few of us.”

The congresswoman’s muted tone stood in stark contrast to comments the day before, when she alleged Mueller’s investigation – spanning thousands of documents and hundreds of witnesses – “is not the end of anything.”

“This is the— well, it’s the end of the report and the investigation by Mueller. But those of us who chair these committees have a responsibility to continue with our oversight,” Waters said.

“There’s so much that, uh, needs to be, you know, taken a look at at this point,” she claimed,” and so it’s not the end of everything.”

Two Democrats – House Reps. Al Green and Rashida Tlaib introduced a resolution to pursue impeachment against Trump last week, but Waters did not endorse the legislation.