Disturbing video of illegal immigrants defying U.S. Border Patrol agents to push screaming children underwater and through razor wire to America offers latest evidence of the chaos on the border Democrats continue to ignore.

In one video, illegal immigrants pulled young children under a border fence and through large coils of concertina wire during a cold December morning near Yuma, Arizona, ABC News reports.

The video shows several adults crawling and hoisting about a half dozen youngsters through the barrier as U.S. Border Patrol urge them to reconsider as they repeatedly snagged their clothes on the wire, the traumatic experience punctuated by blaring sirens and flashing police lights.

“New: In video obtained by @ABC, a family of asylum seekers attempts to cross through a hole under the border wall near Yuma, Arizona, despite warnings from CBP agents – and a woman who makes to the U.S. side is separated from her sister’s family,” the news site posted to Twitter Monday.

A second video involved illegal immigrants risking the lives of young children as they waded into a drainage ditch yards from the San Juan del Rio Colorado border crossing. Several children screamed loudly in Spanish as the immigrants forced them underwater to duck under the gate, then walked them through concertina wire to a bank on the U.S. side.

“Go back … don’t do this. Look at the child! Hey! Be careful with the child! Be careful with the child!” U.S. Border Patrol agents shouted in Spanish as the immigrants ignored them.

Mexican police intervene in the water crossing and prevent at least one child from going through the ordeal, though it’s unclear which immigrants are the parents of the children. The situation is literally chaos, with border patrol, Mexican officials, and the immigrants themselves shouting instructions as the children scream in terror.

“You’re going to traumatize this poor child,” a border agent shouted. “She’s crying, if she crosses the child can drown.”

After several immigrants and children cross, Mexican police eventually wade into the 55-degree water to physically block the path, ABC News reports.

The news site claims a woman was separated from her sister during the incident and forced to turn back to Mexico with her two children.

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The months-old videos highlight the crisis situation created by the malfunctioning U.S. immigration system and bolster President Trump’s insistence that the situation in a national emergency. Top Democrats, including virtually all of the leading contenders to take on Trump in 2020, have repeatedly downplayed the border crisis and insisted it doesn’t exist.

Meanwhile, Border Patrol are busing hundreds of illegal immigrants each day to overwhelmed shelters in Texas and other states due to overcrowding at processing centers. Those shelters have begun simply dropping the illegal immigrants off at bus stations with a ticket to anywhere in the U.S. they want to go.

Federal officials estimate as many as 1 million illegal immigrants could cross into the United States in fiscal year 2019, though that figure doesn’t include the countless numbers that cross undetected through the porous border.

The figures and video also do not fully capture the treacherous journey immigrant parents are subjecting their children to, an experience that would land U.S. parents in prison for child abuse.

“Today’s migrant flows have created a humanitarian catastrophe,” Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said last month, according to Fox News. “In one study, more than 30 percent of women reported sexual assault along the way and 70 percent of all migrants reported experiencing violence.

“Very unfortunately, because of the increase in violence, at ICE, when he have families with children, we have to give every girl a pregnancy test over 10,” she said. “This is not a safe journey.”