The crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border has gotten so bad that smugglers are bragging to the media about how much money they are making by sneaking illegal aliens into America.

While speaking with The Guardian, Germán, a client recruiter for human smugglers in Guatemala, boasted about how he has been making tens of thousands of dollars by smuggling illegal aliens into the U.S.

“It’s never been easier for us to get families in,” Germán said. “People want to leave, and we help them. And I happen to make money in the process.”

With migrant apprehensions at the U.S.-Mexico border reaching unprecedented levels, Germán essentially detailed how he’s made a business out of getting “family units” into the U.S. as “package deals” because he can make more money that way.

In order to help his chances of lining his own pockets, Germán said he and the other human smugglers also educate illegal aliens on how to seek out border agents and immediately request asylum to increase their chances of getting into the U.S.

Germán, who has apparently created an entire business model out of this, explained that he offers his “clients” a range of travel options for getting across Mexico.

His packages range from $7,800 to $11,000, but he claims he can get the price down if migrants are willing to take routes that are far more dangerous and deadly.

Those cheaper routes “are where you’re more likely to get robbed by organized crime, kidnapped, raped or killed for your organs,” Germán explained. “We don’t recommend those routes, but we give people their options.”

The business is apparently so lucrative that he bragged to the outlet about how he recently charged $2,600 per person to get 40 illegals into America.

This explosive report comes after CNN, perhaps accidentally, revealed how migrants are intentionally exploiting asylum laws to gain access into the U.S.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo recently went to the U.S.-Mexico border to speak with the “refugees” seeking asylum from Central American countries.

But when he actually spoke to these supposed “desperate” migrants, he quickly found out that droves of illegals aliens are exploiting the asylum system to get into America so they can get jobs.

While speaking with a man who said he came to the U.S. with his son, Cuomo posed one question: “Is he here to work, or is he here for asylum?”

“He wants to work, but if he gets asylum, he’s willing to ask for asylum,” an interpreter said to Cuomo after the migrant answered the question.

“Why did he take his kid to come here if it’s just to work?” Cuomo asked.

“It’s what you and I were talking about,” the interpreter said. “He said that if he comes here with his son, then he’s allowed to stay.”

This, among other factors, has pushed U.S. immigration agencies to their breaking point.

While speaking to reporters last week, Customs and Border Protection chief Kevin K. McAleenan revealed that apprehensions hit record highs in the months of February and March.

McAleenan warned that there is an “unprecedented humanitarian and border security crisis all along our Southwest Border.”

This massive surge in migrants being held at custody facilities as put an unprecedented strain on CBP.