One of President Trump’s most outspoken Hispanic supporters was attacked at a Post Office by an angry lesbian on Saturday for wearing a hat supporting the president.

The ordeal was streamed to Facebook by Paloma for TRUMP, a Mexican born activist for legal immigration who followed the process to become a U.S. citizen when she was 10 years old.

It begins with an emotional woman at the counter who turns to Paloma and demands not to be recorded at the U.S. Post Office. The woman rushes the camera and appears to shove it at Paloma, who repeatedly told the woman “don’t touch me!”

The video makes it clear a confrontation between the two preceded the video.

“This is a government office. I have a right not to be recorded!” the angry woman screamed at the postal employees.

“I have a right not to be harassed,” Paloma shot back. “You have no reason to harass me because of my hat.”

The tattooed woman then began hurling insults at Paloma, alleging the Mexican woman is “racist” for wearing the Trump hat – a bright red ball cap with the message “Trump” in all caps, Make America Great Again, and 2020.

“Where is your supervisor?” the woman yelled. “Call the cops.”

“I don’t care if you don’t agree with it, I have the right to wear it,” Paloma said of her hat.

“Ok, racist,” the woman mocked.

“Ok, racist? I’m a Mexican racist against a white … ya, I’m so racist,” Paloma argued.

“Your president is racist,” the woman said as she approached the camera.

“I didn’t lay my hands on you,” she said before again shoving the camera.

A postal employee eventually stepped between the two to quell the disturbance, though they continued to bicker back and forth. The woman retrieved her phone, as well, and appeared to be recording Paloma.

“Take my picture, and make you share it everywhere because I support the president of America,” Paloma said. “And if you don’t agree with that than maybe you should move somewhere else.”

“If you don’t like America, you should move out of America. Go to Mexico, go to Central America.”

About 10 minutes after the video went up, Paloma posted a picture of police in front of the Post Office.

“Cops are here,” she wrote.

About an hour after that:

SHE RAN FAST AN UNABLE TO BE LOCATED! I filed an incident report! Unreal what we deal with for LOVING and RESPECTING AMERICA! I am so tired of it!!

But I will never give up on fighting for what I believe in!!


Thank you President Donald J. Trump for giving us a vice to fight for WHAT WE BELIVE IN AND ALWAYS HAVE!!!