As the horror continues to unfold in socialist Venezuela, a graphic example of the lawlessness and desperation was posted to Twitter over the weekend.

The video shows someone laying spread eagle in the roadway, dead. The victim was reportedly shot, according to witnesses.

The person laying motionless could be seen being stripped of their pants as a woman screamed in despair. Others could be heard wailing in the background.

The crowd disburses and the motorcyclist drove off, leaving the body in the roadway.

Breitbart reports desperate Venezuelans are raiding cemeteries looking for jewelry and other valuables buried with the dead:

Desperate Venezuelans, a BBC report revealed Sunday, have begun targeting cemeteries for potential income, stealing everything from jewelry to bones that they can then sell on for a profit.

The BBC spoke to relatives of those buried in the Cementerio del Sur, the largest burial ground in the capital of Caracas, who now need to stand guard at their loved ones’ tombs to protect them from looters.

“I come here every week, or every two weeks. I keep watch. I worry I’ll arive one day and she’ll be gone,” Eladio Bastida, whose wife is buried in the cemetery, told the British news site. “When I buried her, you could just walk in here. but lately you can barely reach her grave, because every tomb has been opened and the remains taken out.”