Yet another liberal has been triggered by a red MAGA hat.

WalkAway campaign founder Brandon Straka was in the airport today when he says a woman came up to him and berated him over his hat featuring President Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan.

“This girl approached me 2 tell me I should be embarrassed,” Straka, who left the Democrat party to become a conservative, wrote on Twitter.

“She said I’m a racist & POTUS is a racist,” he said.

“He just is,” Straka said the woman stated three times.

He said the woman “grabbed me twice.”

The video shows the woman reacting negatively to being recorded, swatting the camera away.

“Please, I’m a model,” she said.

“Please don’t put your hands on me,” Straka replied.

“Do not take a photo,” the “model” said.

She went on to claim, “I asked you if it was a f*cking costume,” before she put her hood over her head and attempted to block him from filming her.

Straka said she said she didn’t think it was a real hat because “I thought they’d be too embarrassed to admit they’re a racist and support a racist.”

The #WalkAway campaigner’s video goes on to show a man recognizing him and shaking his hand.