What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi?

The House Speaker was wrapping up a retreat with Democrats today when she appeared before reporters and suffered brain freezes, had trouble speaking and repeated herself.

Pelosi opened by having trouble even saying where she was.

“I want to join all of my colleagues who are in, in the, the— room, conference room,” she said.

Attempting to explain the Democrats’ agenda, she said, “For The People means lower drug— lower healthcare costs,” correcting herself.

Moments later, she tripped over another portion, saying, “To in— pay— make bigger paychecks, lower health costs, bigger paychecks,” seemingly getting lost in her talking points.

Pelosi said the retreat was concluded with remarks by Rep. John Lewis.

Suffering a brain freeze and staring silently at reporters, she finally came to and said, “We must, we must,” stopping again, then finally coming to, “save our values and save our democracy,” she told reporters Lewis said.

The 79-year-old House Speaker struggled to recall the name of one of her colleagues, before saying, “And, uh, uh, Hank Johnson from Georgia,” adding he is a “very distinguished member of Congress.”

Johnson, of course, famously questioned a Navy admiral over whether Guam would capsize if too many sailors were added to the island.

Pelosi went on to say all of the Dems were leaving for their buses.