Real reporters stationed along the U.S.-Mexico border continue to share disturbing footage of the massive scope of the illegal immigration crisis, most recently with video of hundreds of illegal immigrants streaming into the country to awaiting buses for processing.

KGBT reporter Sydney Hernandez is exposing the reality of the situation on the border, and it’s clear the crisis is only getting worse by the day.

“#BORDERNEWS Wednesday between 12:00 AM and 5:00 A.M. Border Patrol agents apprehended almost 300 undocumented immigrants in Los Ebanos, TX in 6 separate groups within those 5 hours,” Hernandez posted to Twitter just after 5 a.m. “Here’s a video of hundreds of them crossing. Daily apprehension rate in (Rio Grande Valley) is 1,100 per @CBPRGV”

The video shows numerous Border Patrol agents ushering a massive group of migrants down a roadway, with emergency vehicles and flashing lights guiding the route. At least one transport bus was also parked along the road, illuminated by emergency flashers.

The large group appeared to include adults, both men and women, many carrying young children and little else.

The Wednesday video came just a day after Hernandez spoke with Border Patrol agents near Brownsville who discovered a 3-year-old boy abandoned in a corn field, crying and alone with only a name and phone number scribbled on his shoe.

“#BORDERNEWS In case you missed it, a 3yr old was abandoned in a cornfield near Brownsville when border Patrol agents found him crying and alone around 3 am,” Hernandez posted to Twitter. “The boy had a name and phone numbers written on his shoe. Agents believe he was left by #Smugglers”

“They saw several individuals running back towards Mexico. They heard some crying coming from a corn field,” Border Patrol Chief Rudy Karish told KGBT.

The boy wouldn’t speak to agents, he said, and was transported to the hospital for a medical evaluation.

“The child had his name written on a shoe, and a phone number that proved to be fictitious,” Karish said. “There was no one because we tried to call the number. But the child was abandoned out there in the middle of nowhere, no parents in sight.”

After the hospital evaluation, the boy was taken back to a Border Patrol station, where agents chipped in to buy the child some clothes and watch over him.

“First of all, very young age, he’s traumatized from the fact that he’s out there. Of course we took him to our station where he was cared for properly and made sure he was fed,” Karish said.

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He said Border Patrol is now trying to determine why the boy was abandoned, though Karish seemed to fault the child’s parents for putting him in danger to begin with.

“What parent or guardian would actually place their infant child, a toddler, in the hands of a smuggler, only to be left in a cornfield?” he said.

“People have to become educated to what’s going down here because it’s the reality of what my men and women face every day,” Karish said.

KGBT reports the child’s parents still have not been located and he’s now in the custody of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Border Patrol, meanwhile, is continuing its investigation.