Maxine Waters is lashing out at Attorney General William Barr and blaming the Trump Administration after an Obama-nominated federal judge released a man accused of threatening Waters’s life.

CNN reports:

A federal judge in Maryland said Thursday that Christopher Hasson, a Coast Guard lieutenant accused of plotting a domestic terror attack, will be released from detention.

Hasson had been indicted on weapons and drug charges, but did not face any charges related to terrorism or attempted murder — a point his public defender made as she argued that the government’s continued detention of him was unlawful. He pleaded not guilty last month on the weapons and drug charges.

Judge Charles Day agreed that the government had not met a standard for continued detention but said he still had “grave concerns” about Hasson’s alleged actions, which included amassing an arsenal of guns and tactical gear and searching online for the home addresses of two Supreme Court justices.

Hasson’s defense attorney will propose options for supervised release at a future hearing.

“Prosecutors say Hasson is a white supremacist who had a hit list that included prominent Democratic politicians as well as several journalists from CNN and MSNBC,” according to CNN.

Nevertheless, Day, a judge nominated by President Obama in 2010 to serve on the United States District Court for the District of Maryland. His nomination ran aground when Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee had “insurmountable concerns” raised during Day’s background investigation.

According to a photo, Day is a black man.

Despite that, Maxine Waters thinks she knows who is to blame for this “white nationalist” being returned to society: Trump Attorney General William Barr.

“Outrage!” she tweeted.

“Why is Barr silent?”

“I am deeply appalled by Judge Charles Day’s decision yesterday to release Christopher Hasson,” she said in a statement.

“This is an outrage and the Judge’s decision cannot stand. The Department of Justice must take action, lest anyone presume the Administration implicitly condones the federal judge’s decision to go easy on a white nationalist.

“Moreover,” she continued, “Members of Congress must now recognize that many of us who have taken hardline positions against the Trump Administration are walking targets and we must use every resource at our disposal to protect ourselves since we cannot expect any assistance from the current Administration.”

So far, Waters has not demanded Trump’s impeachment over the release.