An East Boston grandmother is raising the alarm over “indoctrination” at a local charter school that’s hosting a special Arab Heritage Month focused heavily on promoting the Islamic religion.

“THIS IS INDOCTRINATION … Parents need to wake up … visit your child’s school and know what is being taught,” Twitter use Cindyseestruth posted along with a video Saturday. “Excel Academy an East Boston Charter School …. Until we speak up loudly & aggressively, this will not stop

“Please GET INVOLVED. Your child’s future depends on it.”

The video was recorded by an unidentified grandparent and local taxpayer who took issue with a large display in the school’s main lobby that paints a rosy picture of Arab heritage focused heavily on Muslims and Islamophobia. The wall also touts the famous Palestinian, Syrian, Moroccan and Egyptian Arabs who positively impacted America and the world.

“I just wanted to show you what they have up here,” the woman said as she scanned a glass wall with sections that read “Morocco” and “Celebrate Arab Heritage Month.”

Other sections read “USA” and “Palestine” and included timelines about milestones such as “Muslims introduced learning centers that revolutionized Philosophy,” and “Ibn Haythem discovered your eye reflects light off an object.”

There was sections on “Syria” and “Egypt” noting people and developments – in both Arabic and English. Democrat Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, a Palestinian Muslim, is featured prominently, as is Steve Jobs, a Syrian who was adopted by an American family. Another Michigander, Republican Congressman Justin Amash, who is also Palestinian, was not included.

“I think you can see where this is going,” the grandmother said in the video, which also featured added text: “If you are wondering where the Christian, Jewish, displays are … there are none.”

The wall included numerous special days throughout April dedicated specifically to Arab issues, including a “Blackout Islamophobia Dress Down” day, Syrian refugee day, “Amreeka” pizza day, bake sales, and other events.

There is no reference to the long history of human rights abuses or violence that plays a central role in Arab culture and heritage, particularly in the Middle East.

“We’re in America, man,” the woman said. “I don’t like this sh*t.”

The hyper focus on Arab culture and Islam – without similar treatment for other religions – is part of a broader pattern of left-leaning curriculum drawing complaints from parents across the country, from sex education that promotes LGBTQ lifestyles in California, to lessons on Islam in Tennessee, to warped American history that paints President Trump and his supporters as racists.

Many parents and taxpayers blame the situation on Common Core academic standards foisted on states by the Obama administration for ushering in the biased lessons, including the grandmother at the East Boston charter school.

“This is your Common Core, people,” the woman said in the video. “I’m just getting sick to my stomach being here.”

The Excel Academy video has generated more than 17,000 views, though it doesn’t appear school officials have addressed the grandmother’s concerns.

Folks online, meanwhile, are not impressed with the school’s Arab celebration.

“I would pull my children out of that school so fast their heads would be spinning,” Sandpiper posted to Twitter. “OMG I blame this on #ObamaAdministration for starting all this #indoctrination in first place.”

“Public education has been infiltrated with it. Take your kids out and home school if you can,” Brad Willis added. “Pretty soon your little girl will be married at twelve. I bet they won’t talk about that at school.”