Are Iowa voters so used to seeing presidential candidates that they’re unmoved when one offers to buy them ice cream?

Or was it just just because it happened to be Sleepy Joe Biden?

Either way, the former vice president visited an ice cream shop in Monticello, Iowa today and offered to buy for the dozen or so people waiting for his arrival.

No one took him up on his offer.

Stepping up to the register, Biden said, “You know what I’d like? I’d like…” after being told they offer “vanilla, twist or chocolate.”

“I’d like the, uh, can I get a, uh, can you get vanilla and chocolate swirl?”

“I can do twist, which is like half and half,” the woman responded.

“That’s a twist, that’s what I’d like,” Biden said.

“In a cone?” the woman asked.

“Uh, in a cone,” Biden responded in a distinctly elderly demeanor.

“Is that the hardest decision you’ve had to make recently, sir?” a reporter asked, with Biden saying it was a “tough one.”

After offering to buy ice cream for members of the media behind the counter, Biden turned to the handful of voters at the tables and offered to buy for them, too.

“Anybody want ice cream? Seriously…” Biden told the small crowd. “Seriously, anybody want any?”

After an awkward silence and no one taking him up on his offer, a man replied, “That’s for four years?”

Biden was then handed his ice cream cone and he bit into it before fielding a couple questions from reporters.