It was only the second day of Joe Biden’s public campaigning and his fans are already bored out of their minds.

The former vice president was in Iowa speaking to voters in a low, monotone voice, seemingly lulling some into a restful trance.


At another moment captured by Grabien’s Tom Elliott, Biden devolved into gibberish.

“This about it, with this new tax cut, you got twice as many corporations making billions that are paying no taxes at all. Sending their jobs— I mean, it, it, no, no, I mean, think about it, I mean, ju— it’s not about— I know you’re supporting by saying booing, but look here’s the deal,” he said.

The day before, Biden’s ramblings nearly put one fan — who was standing up — to sleep.

As the former vice president gave a relatively brief 27-minute speech in Pittsburgh — slurring frequently and garbling words — one backer just couldn’t hold back any longer and let out a gigantic yawn.


The man in the Firefighters for Biden union t-shirt looked relieved after the extended yawn was over .