The economy is so good, even CNN has to report on it.

In the last two days, the network has run at least two segments praising the Trump economy and acknowledging that Americans are crediting the President with the strong performance.

“The Labor Department has released the April jobs report and frankly, it is huge,” host John Berman told viewers, adding they are “historic numbers.”

“That unemployment rate — 3.6 percent — that’s the lowest since 1969,” business reporter Christine Romans said.

“I mean, these are generational lows,” she added, saying unemployment rates among women and African-Americans, “those numbers are doing very, very well.”

“Manufacturing has been a strong spot in the Trump administration,” she said, adding that a half-million manufacturing jobs have been creating during the Trump administration.

That stands in stark contrast to the attitude of the Obama administration, or conceded those jobs allegedly weren’t returning.

Yesterday, CNN ran a segment reviewing polling which found a majority of Americans give Trump high marks for how is he handling the economy.

“Here is the Trump card for the president,” David Chalian said, pointing to the 56 percent number.

“This is the highest number we’ve ever seen in CNN polling!” he said, astonished.

“It’s the high watermark in the entirety of the Trump presidency,” Chalian said, as a graphic showing Trump was at 51 percent in March and 48 percent in February was shown.

“We know that sensibility about the economy heading into an election matters a ton,” Chalian said.