Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is moving up in the world, and she’s broadcasting it for all to see.

“This DC apartment is bougie and has things I’ve never seen before,” the text reads on her latest Instagram, referring to her second home.

“Like what is a garbage disposal really for? Is it better or worse than throwing something in the garbage?” she wondered. “More importantly, why is it so loud and yelling at me?”

In the video, Ocasio-Cortez seems genuinely astonished by the technology that hit the market in 1940.

“I am told this is a garbage disposal,” she said skeptically. “I’ve never seen a garbage disposal, I never had one in any place I’ve ever lived,” the former restaurant worker said.

“It is terrifying. I don’t know what to use it for, or what its purpose is,” the national elected leader confessed.

“Like, food scraps? Is this environmentally sound? I don’t know,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

Last week, she was wowed by plants growing from dirt.

She was left nearly speechless by the notion that plants thrive in dirt.

“Oh my God, you guys! I just checked on my community garden slot and I was so nervous because I was in New York for two weeks in recess and look!” she said as she turned the camera towards the ground.

“Oh my God! Look at this!” she exclaimed as the tiny plants were appearing.

“Like, look at the collard greens! They’re huge! Look at the dahlias! Oh my God, I’m going to have to trim all of these back for smoothies!” she said with a gasp.

“I am — Shook! Like, honestly, gardening, food that comes out of dirt. Like, it’s magic!” she said, bewildered.

But the socialist’s time away at work proved fateful for the tomatoes.

“RIP tomato,” the text read on the screen as Ocasio-Cortez revealed the plant had shriveled up to a brown crisp.

“Let’s pour one out for the tomato,” she said, pretending to pour an empty wine bottle on the deceased plant.

Undeterred, she exclaimed, “This is so exciting!”

“I really thought they’d be in a sad state, which is contributing to my excitement,” the text read on the screen.