House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants President Trump’s tax returns, and she’ll lock up anybody she has to in order to get them.

This morning, Pelosi warned Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin mayb e thrown in “a little jail down in the basement of the Capitol” if she doesn’t get what she wants.

“Could you hold the Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin in contempt? Some Democrats have even raised the prospect of arresting the Treasury Secretary if he does not comply with congressional demands,” The Washington Post’s Robert Costa asked Pelosi.

“Well, let me just say we do have a little jail down in the basement of the Capitol,” she responded, prompting laughs.

“But if we were arresting all of the people in the administration, we would have an overcrowded jail situation, and I’m not for that,” she continued, drawing more chuckles.

Bloomberg reports Mnuchin’s goals could be “consumed” by protecting the President’s personal tax returns:

Steven Mnuchin’s job as Treasury secretary is to protect the value of the dollar. Now, he’s also protecting the most sought-after documents in America: President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

On Monday, Mnuchin is expected to hold off on House Democrats’ request to release Trump’s returns. It’s the first time a Treasury chief has had to juggle concerns about releasing a president’s personal information with other parts of the job: overseeing the $16 trillion Treasuries market, maintaining economic pressure on global threats, such as North Korea, and leading economic diplomacy with international counterparts.

Monday’s response will be Mnuchin’s third attempt to stave off House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal’s request for six years of Trump’s personal returns, as well as those of the Trump Organization. This time, he’ll be backed with a Justice Department legal review of the request. And at two congressional hearings in April that were supposed to be focused on the budget, Democrats focused on the tax-return fight.

“Mnuchin’s more substantive economic plans risk being consumed by the partisan fight over the tax returns,” according to Bloomberg.

Pelosi also told Costa she believes the Congress is the “superior branch” of government, which is at odds with the Constitution.

“I think we’re a superior branch, quite frankly,” Pelosi said when asked if Congress was operating as a co-equal branch, according to Fox News. “We have the power to make the law and the president enforces the law. So we have a big role. We’re closest to the people and we have a big role to play.”

The Constitution lists the legislative, executive and judicial branches as co-equal through a system of checks and balances.