Is Hillary Clinton running a non-campaign campaign for president?

The twice-failed Democrat presidential candidate isn’t interested in discussing an endorsement for 2020, and sources close to Clinton have repeatedly said she hasn’t closed the door on a rematch with President Trump.

Then on Wednesday, just days after wrapping up a national speaking tour with husband and former president Bill Clinton, Obama’s secretary of state headed to the first 2020 primary state of New Hampshire to lecture about her decades of experience in world affairs as a career politician.

Clinton boasted about her role in brokering the Iran Nuclear Deal to about 900 students and faculty at Dartmouth College in Hanover, and insinuated that President Trump is instigating a confrontation with the country, WFFF reports.

“I don’t think we can, unfortunately, rule that out,” she said. “And there is always, always the threat of miscalculation. Somebody makes a mistake. Somebody on our side, somebody on the Iranian side.”

Clinton’s comments follow decades of experience making a lot of mistakes and miscalculations during her tenure as a U.S. senator and secretary of state. Clinton voted for the Iraq War and pushed to overthrow governments friendly to the U.S., such as Egypt, which contributed to the rise of ISIS and increased conflicts in Iraq, Syria and other places.

She also helped negotiate military intervention in Libya that led to the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi and the country’s ruin at the hands of Islamic militants. There was also the murder of Americans including Ambassador Christopher Stevens on a U.S. Special Mission in Benghazi in 2012, and Clinton’s inability to prevent North Korea from developing nuclear weapons or Russia’s involvement in Ukraine, according to The National Interest.

But Clinton didn’t discuss her failures at Dartmouth, of course, focusing instead on her favorite topic of conversation: Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

“The idea that our election is being trifled with, being impacted, and maybe being determined by Putin … that should give us heartburn,” Clinton said.

The former first lady also cast blame on the “conspiracy fetishizing” that allegedly contributed to her humiliating defeat to President Trump in 2016. She recalled how her campaign help was met with folks who believe Clinton is a murderer when knocking on doors during her last campaign.

“Well wouldn’t you think I’d been, like they used to say, locked up by now if that were the case,” Clinton said.

The conversation eventually turned to what Clinton called “the great unfinished business of the 21st century” – the empowerment of women – which also happens to be the central plank of her “I’m with her” 2016 campaign.

“We’ve opened jobs to women that were never available before. We’ve certainly with Title IX opened up academics and athletics to women that were not available,” she said, according to WFFF. “I think it’s more internal barriers that stand in the way.”

The appearance at Dartmouth came just days after Bill and Hillary Clinton concluded their nationwide tour, “An Evening with the Clintons,” which essentially featured the former first couple offering an array of excuses for Hillary’s 2016 defeat.

At the L.A. Forum on Saturday, Clinton complained that the last presidential election proves “you can run the best campaign,” yet “still have the election stolen from you.”

There was also plenty of loaded language to suggest Hillary hasn’t given up on her dream just yet.

“We are a long way from when this election actually happens. We are just at the beginning. It seems like maybe it has been going on longer than it has. We’re just in the process of, you know setting the table, figuring out what is going to happen, who’s going to emerge, what’s going to be the most effective themes and messages,” she said.