What’s wrong with Nancy Pelosi?

During her weekly press conference, the Speaker of the House suffered an awkward five-second brain freeze, garbled words, and was forced to carefully enunciate so reporters could decipher what exactly she was trying to say.

Pelosi seemed confused about when legislation would be coming up in the congressional chamber she runs.

“This week we’ll build— next week— these are, this is this week…” she said.

Speaking about healthcare bills Democrats are pushing, Pelosi said, “One of them would further stop junk bond— junk plans,” she emphasized, “that can discriminate against people,” she continued, suffering a mouth problem, “with pre-existing conditions.”

“The Trump administration stab— sabotaged once again of enrollment outreach and, uh, help and the help states set up their own markets,” she struggled to say.

Pelosi lamented women dying in America’s healthcare system.

“As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day, we’re continuing to fight and end the tragedy of,” she said, taking a deep breath and letting out a giant sigh, “maternal deaths.”

“… die from preg— preg-nan-cy related, uh, uh,” she said, before suffering an awkward five-second long brain freeze, standing paralyzed in front of the silent reporters. “Um, complications, is the word I’m looking for,” she finally blurted out.

“In January, the House passed a strong emergency— Democratic House passed a strong emergency disaster relief bill,” she emphasized.

After carefully enunciating “Midwest,” Pelosi struggled to say “many people.”

In another moment, she told reporters Democrats were methodically going about building the case for impeachment, but suddenly turned mute, her hand still waving for effect.

Her face fell bizarrely as she was speaking, but stopped to take a breath and sigh through the rest of her answer.

The House Speaker went on to attack Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Attorney General William Barr, saying, “They are here because they are anti-governance of any governent— governance role in addressing climate change, addressing the epidemic of gun viol— gun violence in our country.”