Police in the United Kingdom want the public to know they’re working to combat violence on city streets, where ordinary kitchen utensils transform into deadly weapons – some more deadly than others.

“Yesterday we conducted weapons sweeps, dealt with a person injured from a van reversing on them, reported a burglary and collected all these from @scope charity shop who diligently didn’t want them to get into the wrong hands & disposed of correctly & safely,” the Regents Park Police posted to Twitter, along with a picture of the haul.

The cache of weapons consisted of several large butcher knives and other big blades, from a fencing sword and machete to serrated bread knives and meat skewers. But followers online noticed there were also some peculiar items included among the potential tools of death.

“I count a letter opener, sharpening steel, several bread knives, a few serving forks, and a spatula among this cache of dangerous weapons,” Arthur Boreman wrote. “I literally cannot tell if this is a parody account or not.”

“Police didn’t want this cache of weapons to fall into the wrong hands … Theres a fu**ing spoon and a butter knife in this photo … The UK has gone mad,” Tim Pool added. “They CHOSE to include the spoon. They could have just left it out. They really do think spoons are dangerous.”

The absurd “weapons” confiscation stems from the UK’s rising rate of violent street crimes, from stabbings to drug crimes to gang violence. Politicians have attempted to crack down on the situation, mostly by preventing people from carrying anything that could be construed as a weapon.

The result is providing a lot of entertainment for folks on Twitter, while the crime continues to climb to record rates.

The rusty, dull spoon included among Tuesday’s haul is prompting particularly clever ridicule.

“Cereal killer,” user “Donut Operator” captioned a close-up of the spoon.

“If you think a spoon can’t be used as a weapon, you never made the unfortunate mistake of mouthing off to my grandmother,” tbri001 added.

“They can have my spoon when they pry it from me cold ice cream soaked hands!” S Wayne Martin joked.

“You may take our spoons,” Tom Hastain wrote with a GIF of Mel Gibson from “Braveheart,” “but you’ll never take our freedom!”

“No-one wants a repeat of the Regents Park dessert spoon massacre,” Adrian Short added.

“I’m hiding all of my ladles,” Debra Sanchez posted. “They’re considered high capacity spoons.”

Hilarious mockery aside, Regents Park Police believe it’s “surely a good thing” the so-called weapons are off the streets.