What’s wrong with Nancy Pelosi?

The 79-year-old House Speaker gave brief remarks to The American Road & Transportation Builders Association yesterday and during the roughly 14 minutes, seemed confused about what day it was, and to whom she was speaking.

Touting the plan to spend $2 trillion on infrastructure, Pelosi said, “This is really a pivoted— pivotal moment.”

Moments later, she said, “You know last week, we um— was it last? I’m losing track of the days of— last week was the um, celebration of the golden spike,” referring to the railroad that crossed the country.

“Did I say I was closing? I’m just going to say it again. I’ll close by saying this,” she said, repeating herself, despite the shortness of her remarks.

Just moments later, she couldn’t remember the organization she was speaking to, despite previously heaping praise on its leaders.

“I congratulate you for this wonderful conference. I want to again commend um, the,” she said, fumbling through her notes. “I’m not going to say your initials, I want to say the whole word here. Uh, The American Road and Transportation Builders Association and the Association of General Contractors of America.”

She ended her remarks with a brain freeze, awkwardly staring at the audience as she groped for words.

“We just have to stick with the program,” she said. “Just stick with the program,” she laughed, “and uh, um, again, um— I’m confident that it will happen,” Pelosi blurted.

“Can I say it that way,” she looked off stage with a bizarre laugh. “I’m confident that it will happen,” she slurred, before offering a hearty wave and departing the podium.