A woman in Tennessee was arrested at a Memphis elementary school after police allege she beat another parent and pulled the woman’s hair at a graduation ceremony Thursday morning.

Memphis police arrested Erica Moody, 45, at the graduation ceremony for Westhaven Elementary School, where they found several parents fighting inside the gym when they arrived, WHBQ reports.

The school’s principal asked officers to remove Moody and her daughter from the school, but Moody reportedly latched onto another woman by the hair and slapped her several times in the face with an open hand before they could intervene.

Memphis police contend the victim screamed at Moody to let her go but the mother wouldn’t relent until officers pried her away. Moody reportedly resisted the officers, who she called Satan, as they placed her in handcuffs, according to WREG.

“This is the worst example you can set ever,” parent Latoya Mayes told the news site. “These kids have actually accomplished something. They’re proud of what they’ve accomplished. And then they see their parents who they’re supposed to look up to, and they’re fighting.

“So, no, that’s not good at all,” she said.

Taveres Ward, who attended the elementary graduation, described the “ridiculous” scene to WREG.

“The family got a little rowdy and everything like that and, you know, a couple of words went back and forth, and the next thing you know police just came in and they broke everything up,” he said. “It was real ridiculous. It was real ridiculous to me, I was bout to take my daughter and go to someplace else to have some fun.

“That’s what I’m bout to do, something better, something nice.”

Moody now faces numerous charges including disorderly conduct, trespassing, domestic assault and resisting arrest.

“It’s useless. It just brings back bad stuff towards the kids,” Westhaven parent Raymond Hill told WHBQ. “Some parents need to sign a code of conduct, just to be accountable for their own actions.”

The student code of conduct for the school states students can be suspended or expelled for fighting.

“You know better. Do better,” Hill said. “That’s just pretty much the end of it.”

Police were called back to the school about 20 minutes after the graduation fight over another incident involving a students who stormed the school’s office, WREG reports.

One of the students reportedly attempted to walk to the back of the office and a secretary attempted to remove the girl.

“Police say the young girl dropped her jacket and books to the floor, then started to attack the victim,” according to WHBQ. “The student hit the victim several times in the stomach with a closed fist before officers detained her.”

The student was ultimately released to her mother, the news site reports.