Bill de Blasio already has the Iowa blahs — and voters do, too.

Fresh off his presidential campaign announcement, he headed to Iowa to court voters and attack President Trump. The trouble? There weren’t that many all that interested in listening to him.

“De Blasio speaks to his largest crowd of the day in Iowa at a Woodbury County Democratic Party fundraiser in Sioux City,” NY1’s Grace Rauh tweeted.

By Rauh’s count, de Blasio spoke to 30 people.

The audience was so small, the mayor of America’s largest city didn’t use a microphone.

De Blasio was so foreign to the Iowans, they spelled his name wrong on the invitation:

Party leaders spelled it with an “I” instead of an “E.”

Other media coverage shows voters seemingly less than enthused to meet the hizzoner.

Earlier in the day, De Blasio campaigned in a living room, meeting with 10 farmers to discuss agriculture:

During her time in the state, Rauh talked to several voters and none of them had heard of de Blasio.

“I’ll follow up on him,” one woman said.

Another woman apologized to the reporter for never hearing of the candidate.

“We’re brand new to this town,” a man confessed.