A disgruntled Trump-hating employee of Buffalo Wild Wings is reportedly threatening to contaminate the food of any of the president’s supporters who stop in to the restaurant while in Montoursville, Pennsylvania for Monday’s rally.

Thousands lined up Lycoming County early Monday to ensure they get a spot when Trump’s MAGA rally begins at 7 p.m. at the Williamsport Regional Airport, where several spoke about how stoked they are to see “one of the best presidents we have ever had,” WNEP reports.

But at least one local isn’t so enthused, and she’s promised to take her petty political pouting out on unsuspecting Trump supporters who stop in to B-Dubs.

“This person is threatening to contaminate attendees of the Trump rally tonight in Montoursville, PA,” “Ex liberal turned #MAGA” Twitter user A.R. Talon posted Monday morning. “She is an employee of @BWWings. PLEASE RETWEET TO WARN our fellow Patriots!”

Talon included screenshots of posts from Twitter user “Denzel Washingmachine,” who wrote, “if you attend the trump rally tonight and come into bdubs I’m spitting in your food.”

Washingmachine later locked her Twitter account, though Talon and others took screenshots of her comment and forwarded it to Buffalo Wild Wings’ headquarters, as well as the FBI.

Michael Conroy provided an update on the situation shortly before 5 p.m. Monday.

“Just spoke w/ the Williamsport, PA BWW’s location,” he posted to Twitter. “They confirm they are the closest to Montoursville. They r aware of the issue, seemed to confirm it WAS one of their employees who posted that tweet, apologized PROFUSELY, & said that they r ‘addressing issue as we speak.’”

“She should be removed and banned from ever working in food service in any fashion,” Lance Cross added. “She’s threatened the community with vile action.

“A threat like this warrants arrest,” Cross posted.

President Trump is expected to greet about 30,000 at the airport Monday night, but many of them camped out for early entry and made it a full day event.

Folks started lining up at 9 a.m., WNEP reports.

“We came from New Jersey to see President Trump because he is one of the best presidents we have ever had,” Tillie Cocchia told the news station.

“We want trump to come in for the next four years and then we’ll vote Pence in after that,” said Chick Gordner.

For many, it wasn’t their first rodeo.

“I thought we are going to have to get here early because I sent to a rally in Wilkes-Barre and we got in by the skin of our butts,” Brenda Peace said. “We didn’t even have a seat to sit in we sat on the cement steps. I told my son-in-law if we are going, it’s going to be an all-day thing and we need to be there early, so here we are.”

“It’s just amazing when you see all those people and you see Sarah Sanders and Kelly Anne Conway, and, of course, when you see Trump everyone is raging,” she said. “It’s going to be awesome.”