Now even President Trump is wondering what is wrong with Nancy Pelosi.

The president tweeted a video montage of the House Speaker “stammering” through a press conference on Thursday.

The clip from Lou Dobbs Tonight is highlights of Pelosi suffering brain freezes and having trouble speaking.

Trump then tweeted a quote from Republican consultant Ed Rollins, who said on the program that Pelosi can’t “put a subject with a predicate in the same sentence.”

The attention comes as the Washington Post sought to discredit any legitimate questions about Pelosi’s health.

The paper found a couple clips on Facebook and YouTube where critics had manipulated the original video to make it appears as though Pelosi was drunk or slower than normal.

The paper implied this website is involved in such deception, an accusation we categorically deny.

As I told the reporter, “Many of the videos get hundreds of thousands of views because they speak for themselves: there is something not right with her and many people seem to agree. So when will the media ask her or her staff if she is well?”

A Pelosi rep described such questions as “sexist trash,” according to the Post.

The Post didn’t attempt to discredit — or even question — one of the most startling examples of Pelosi’s bizarre behavior when she wished reporters a “Happy Thanksgiving” on Valentine’s Day and didn’t correct herself. She was a mere 84 days late.