Is Hillary Clinton waiting for Joe Biden to collapse so she can launch another yet campaign for president?

The failed 2016 candidate got a plum speaking spot before the Harris County Democratic Party in Texas yesterday, and she seemed newly energized to take on Trump and his policies.

At times yelling so loudly that the audio equipment malfunctioned, Clinton berated the president and Republican proposals to secure the border.

“Oh, wow!” she began as thunderous applause greeted her appearance.

She said organizers claimed it was the largest event they’d ever had, and perhaps the biggest gathering of Democrats in the state’s history.

Hillary denounced heartbeat bills in Alabama, Georgia and other states, claiming they would penalize women and doctors “more than rapists.”

She admitted that there is a “humanitarian crisis” on the southern border and it has been unfolding “for more than a year.”

Clinton lamented the deaths of children dragged through the desert by adults who may or may not be their parent — but said nothing about kids who die at the hands of migrants illegally in America.

“Six children that we know of have died in our government’s custody. And what is being done to ensure that never, ever happens again? And what’s more, why are we only learning about this eight months after the fact?” she said.

“What else is being hidden from the American people?” she accused.

Clinton said the large group of candidates running for the Democrat nomination is “a sign of healthy optimism.”

She then shifted into stump speech mode, rattling off a series of talking points as only a candidate can. She ticked off a list of “bold ideas,” mentioning good paying jobs, retirement security, quality healthcare.

“I think it’s a bold idea to make the rich pay their fair share!” a visibly angry Clinton bellowed as the crowd went wild.

“I think it’s a bold idea to enforce our laws and protect our Constitution!” she yelled.

Moments after shouting about the “constitutional crisis” she says Trump has created, the microphone peaked due to volume overload.

The audience didn’t mind — fans responded with loud approval.

Clinton ripped Trump “and his cronies” for promoting what she said was a “doctored” video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stammering through a press conference.

“Now it is sexist trash,” she declared.

“But it is also a sign that Trump is running scared.”

After the roughly 24-minute address, Houston Democrats responded with a standing ovation.