A former Justice Department prosecutor is asking a U.S. District Court in Washington to review mounting evidence that Socialist Congresswoman Ilhan Omar committed immigration fraud by marrying her brother to get him into the country.

The allegations against Omar, one of the first two Muslim women in Congress, are not new, but her reluctance to put them to rest, coupled with an abundance of photo evidence and deleted social media activity, strongly suggests Omar married her brother Ahmed Elmi in 2009.

The issue first surfaced during Omar’s campaign for Minnesota state representative in 2016, when a post to the online message board SomaliSpot.com alleged she was legally married to Ahmed Elmi while married by Islamic tradition to the father of her children, Ahmed Hirsi.

Local reporters and her then opponent pursued the allegations and discovered government records that supported the claim, including evidence Omar was still married to Elmi while describing Hirsi as her husband. Omar later confirmed the allegations, but denied Elmi is her brother.

“In 2002, when I was 19 years old, Ahmed Hirsi … and I, applied for a marriage license, but we never finalized the application and thus were never legally married. In 2008, we decided to end our relationship in our faith tradition after reaching an impasse in our life together,” Omar said in a statement. “I entered into a relationship with a British citizen, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, and married him legally in 2009. Our relationship ended in 2011 and we divorced in our faith tradition. …

“Since 2011, I am happy to say that I have reconciled with Ahmed Hirsi, we have married in our faith tradition and are raising our family together.”

Omar’s other statements and public records, however, don’t seem to jibe with her story.

Public records show she attended North Dakota State University in Fargo between 2009 and 2011 and lived with Amed Nur Said Elmi, who also attended the school. Ahmed Hirsi, the father of Omar’s children with whom she was allegedly separated from at the time, also shared the same Fargo, North Dakota address during the same time frame, PJ Media reports.

Omar herself confirmed she lived with Hirsi in Fargo during a 2013 interview with the Twin Cities Daily Planet.

Elmi eventually returned to London in 2012, but the controversy has only intensified since Omar was elected to Congress in 2018. Online sleuths at PJ Media, Alpha News, and other sites have uncovered a plethora of posts to the verified social media accounts of Omar and Elmi that all but prove the two are siblings, as well as evidence that Omar committed immigration violations and perjury during her divorce proceedings.

Photographic evidence and Islamic naming customs also support the allegations.

But instead of addressing the obvious conflicts between her public statements and the facts, Omar has insinuated that she’s the victim of a racist witch hunt.

“We are in a disturbing era, where fake journalists on bigoted blogs make wild claims in their headlines and baselessly accuse people of disturbing crimes,” she posted to Twitter. “Remember, this is how Trump won. Now much of the right has caught on: When they can’t win with ideas, they stoop to hate.”

On Wednesday, national conservative columnist Michelle Malkin highlighted the legitimate questions regarding Omar’s alleged sham marriage, as well as numerous cases involving U.S. citizens prosecuted for immigration fraud, including several tied to high-profile terrorism.

Malkin wrote for Townhall:

Social media posts, photographic evidence and publicly available biographical data strongly suggest that Elmi (now living in London) and Omar are siblings with the same father. Many of the pair’s Instagram and Facebook comments to each other have been deleted. Omar’s staff and layer have rebuked questions about the arrangement as ‘categorically ridiculous and false’ and suggested that truth-seekers in the matter are ‘people who do not want an East African, Muslim woman elected to office.’ For good measure, Omar has decried ‘Trump-style misogyny, racism, anti-immigration rhetoric and Islamophobic division.’

Hey, I’m not the one who bragged last week that Omar, a naturalized American citizen, brought “the perspective of a foreigner” to her role on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. That was Rep. Omar. Perhaps she’ll share her “foreign perspective” on how any other sane nation would handle an elected official who won’t answer questions about possible felony immigration fraud while sitting on a sensitive legislative panel.

Larry Klayman, a former Justice Department prosecutor who now heads the watchdog group Freedom Watch, sent requests to the U.S. House of Representatives and Department of Homeland Security to investigate the allegations against Omar without success.

Now, he’s filed a “Complaint for Writ of Mandamus” in a lawsuit against acting DHS secretary Kevin McAlleenan, which asks the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to force McAlleenan to investigate the matter.