The inscription on the Statue of Liberty reads in part, “Give me your tired, your poor/ Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free/ The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”

For Californians, that last line is sadly becoming a reality, thanks to Tijuana, Mexico.

“Border Patrol agents contended with sewage from Tijuana during recent rainfall,” CBP tweeted on Monday.

“The sewage tests positive for lead, cyanide, arsenic and other dangerous substances,” the agency reported, saying the toxins flow into the Pacific Ocean, forcing the closure of beaches in the US.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports more than 110 million gallons of “toxic stormwater” has affected the U.S. just since April.

A beach closure that has been in place for months for the southern part of the Imperial Beach was extended Sunday to include the city’s entire shoreline.

The San Diego County Department of Environment Health issued the order to close the coastline to swimmers as a result of sewage-contaminated runoff in the Tijuana River.

Signs warning residents of the contamination will be in place until testing indicates the water is safe for recreational use.

More than 110 million gallons of toxic storm water has flowed over the border from Mexico since April, and the southern part of the coast along the Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge has been off limits since November.

Locals recently held a protest, holding signs reading “stop the poop.”

Tijuana is the city where migrant caravans amassed, and when they vacated, left behind mounds of trash.

Fox News multimedia journalist Kyle Rothenberg tweeted several examples of the trash, clothes, bedding and even bottles of urine littering the town in December.

According to Rothenberg, migrants were moved about 15 miles from the border. But instead of showing appreciation for the Tijuana community and cleaning up after themselves, they just walked away, leaving locals to do it for them.

A photo shows bottles of urine laying on wet pavement and near a discarded mattress.

Photos tweeted by Unicorn Riot show the deplorable conditions, sure what America will look like if migrants are able to flout U.S. law and illegally cross the border.

Mobs of people, media, and garbage:

A kids’ swing set is a makeshift clothesline: