Top Democrat advisors are speaking out about former vice president Joe Biden’s recent flip-flop to support taxpayer funded abortions amid fierce political pressure from the far-left factions of the party.

Former interim chair for the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile, told Fox News Biden had a “terrible week” – an “early warning” that his campaign could derail if it doesn’t correct course.

David Axelrod, former senior advisor to Obama and colleague of Biden’s, came to essentially the same conclusion when he appeared on CNN to discuss the 76-year-old’s recent change of heart about his support for the Hyde Amendment, which bans taxpayer funded abortions.

“I think this was a parable about Biden that goes to question marks about his candidacy,” Axelrod said. “His rollout was flawless, in my view, and he’s had a very solid spring, but this underscores questions people have had about whether he can go the distance.

“One, because the virtue of him having a long record and comforting people and being a figure of stability has a flip side that you have to defend positions that you’ve had over the course of 45 years in politics, some of which may have been acceptable in the day and not acceptable now,” he said.

“We see that on this issue of the Hyde Amendment, but the other thing is the way this thing came down. Joe Biden was out on the campaign and he’s not been out that much, and a voter challenged him on the question of Hyde, video was rolling, and he said he would reverse that policy,” Axelrod continued.

“Then the next day, when it came to light, the campaign put out a statement that said, ‘No, he still believes in the Hyde Amendment,’ then there was a furor and last night he flipped again. So that was a flip-flop-flip, which never a good thing in politics and it raises questions about his own performance and his own steadiness and his campaign’s performance,” Axelrod said.

“So beyond the issue itself, this was not a reassuring episode for the Biden campaign.”

It’s also one his campaign is still struggling to explain.

Kate Bedingfield, the Biden campaign’s communications director, couldn’t explain to CNN’s Brianna Keilar why the career politician suddenly decided to support abortions funded by taxpayers when the issue has been a hot issue in numerous states for months.

“What is the substantive explanation for why he changed his mind?” Keilar asked.

“The substantive explanation is the moment that we’re in now is a dramatically different one,” Bedingfield deflected.

Keilar wouldn’t accept the lame excuse.

“How did he do it? Did someone give him evidence? What kind of evidence? Did he speak to advocates? Did he speak to women? What was the impetus, what was the inflection point that changed his mind?” she pressed.

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Bedingfield wouldn’t answer the questions.

“I think other thing that’s getting lost here is he has been an advocate for women’s choice for his entire career,” she said. “I mean, look, in the last 50 years, Democrats have kept one Republican Supreme Court justice nominee off the court, that was Robert Bork, and who led that fight? That was Joe Biden. And that was a fight about choice,” she said.

“We’re talking about the Hyde Amendment,” Keilar refocused.

The two continued to talk in circles for several more minutes but got nowhere.

“You’ve asked the question a lot of ways, I’ve answered it,” Bedingfield said.

“I don’t think you’ve answered it, Kate,” Keilar shot back.

While Bedingfield insists the flip-flop-flip was a “tough personal decision” not motivated by any person or specific information, such as issue polling, The Atlantic suggests actress and nutty abortion advocate Alysa Milano is among the high-profile liberals whispering in his ear.

“Symone Sanders, one of Biden’s senior advisers, confronted him, she confirmed to me Thursday night, telling Biden that he was missing how his position disproportionately affected poorer women and women of color without easy access to abortion,” according to the site.

“Alyssa Milano, the actress who’s become a major online presence on issues of women’s rights as well as a friend of the Biden team, spoke by phone Wednesday to Biden campaign manager Greg Schultz, telling him the candidate needed to change. More calls came in, more tough conversations.”