Joe Biden doesn’t want those wild, crazy rallies with all of those voters. He’s opting for a low-key approach with just a handful of people.

The former vice president’s two-day swing through Iowa has him stopping in Ottumwa this afternoon.

Video tweeted by KTVO’s Asia Mitchell-Tabb shows a small event space at the Bridge View Center.

“It’s tight in here,” Mitchell-Tabb observed with the video panning the room.

The reporter’s camera shows it quickly, but look how few chairs are in place for Biden fans:

There are 12 rows of 6 chairs, or 72 seats.

Interestingly, Biden will say President Trump’s name more times than there will be people to hear it.

The Daily Mail reports:

Former Vice President Joe Biden will let it rip on President Donald Trump today in Iowa during a speech where he slams the president by name 76 times, according to the text released by his campaign. 

‘I believe Trump is an existential threat to America,’ Biden will charge in an address that criticizes the president’s actions on the climate, race, trade, the auto industry and negotiations with China.

The speech is filled with fighting words – he’ll accuse Trump of backing off tariff threats to Mexico because he’s ‘scared’ and putting on a ‘stunning display of childishness’ while on his visit to the UK and Normandy.

Photos tweeted by reporters in the room show a small turnout for the Democrat frontrunner.

“The small crowd that he’s drawn is almost all over 55, some significantly older than that,” The Atlantic’s Edward-Isaax Dovere wrote.

A photo posted by Alex Schuman shows additional supporters standing behind Biden, putting the crowd at an estimated 100 people.

Dovere later tweeted that “at least half the crowd quickly left.”