An East Coast liberal running for president dropped in on the bumpkins in Iowa today and insulted their intelligence.

Joe Biden campaigned at Clinton Community College this morning and was touting Obamacare, and attempted to connect with the gun-toting, pickup-driving, Bible-reading rubes.

“Delaware has a lot of small towns like y’all do,” he said, getting folksy with the country simpletons.

“I know y’all think of Delaware as being this east— first of all, probably a lot of you don’t know where Delaware is, but anyway…”

“‘I know Delaware, Rhode Island, I’ve been there,'” he said, apparently mimicking an Iowa yokel.

He went on to tell a story about one of his staffers who is apparently from Idaho, but east coasters think he’s from Iowa.

Biden then fear mongered over Republican solutions for health care, apparently believing the hillbillies will take his word for it.