Recently captured surveillance video of coyotes with the Sinaloa cartel escorting illegal immigrants into America confirms criminals are leveraging the border crisis for all it’s worth.

Brian Kolfage, president of the Build The Wall group building a border wall on private property in Sunland Park, New Mexico, posted video and audio of a trail cam set up nearby on Twitter Tuesday.

“PROOF: illegal immigration funds the most ruthless killing machine – the Sinaloa Cartel,” Kolfage wrote. “Ask @FoxNews why they are silent on this?”

The footage shows two coyotes escorting roughly a dozen illegal immigrants to a crossing around a border wall, where they simply climbed over a small concrete barrier and into the U.S.

But the smugglers wouldn’t point the illegals in the right direction without first fleecing them of every last valuable possession, a sobering illustration that the criminals running the show care a lot more about money in migrants’ pockets than the people themselves.

The website, run by the investigative journalist of the same name, transcribed the Spanish conversation at the border crossing, which was time stamped at 6:35 p.m. on June 9.

SaraACarter reports:

Coyote (to the illegals): OK I need everyone to to give me everything that I asked you for before… All your money, (indiscriminate) cell phones any other kind of valuable objects you have on you. (Indiscriminate).

Illegal man: that’s all that we have, tell us how to go?

Coyote: Buddy….(indiscriminate talking between 2 coyotes one to the other ) buddy tell them how to go.

Coyote: Don’t worry just follow this road. All of you are going to be fine no worries at all just stay on this road and there will be a meeting place marked so just watch for that spot and stay on this road it’s all just straight I hope everything goes good.

For many guided to the border by ruthless gangsters, it hasn’t gone very well at all.

A Guatemalan teen was found inside a Border Patrol center in Texas last week holding a premature baby she said she carried with her as smugglers pushed her across the Rio Grande in a wheelchair, just a month after an emergency delivery in Mexico.

Also last week, Border Patrol agents in Arizona came across a 7-year-old girl who was separated from a group of illegal immigrants from India and died in the unrelenting desert heat. That group, which included two adults who were apprehended in the U.S. and others that turned back to Mexico, told authorities they were dropped off at the remote and mountainous route by smugglers who said it would be safe.

The week prior, U.S. Border Patrol reported on a rescue in the Rio Grande River near Eagle Pass, Texas, where agents witnessed smugglers dump double amputee migrants into the water and walk away. Two different migrants missing limbs were left to drown, but instead were rescued by the Del Rio Border Patrol Sector Search, Trauma, and Rescue and transported to a processing facility.