A self-proclaimed “technology activist” is calling out former vice president Joe Biden for attempting to dupe the American public into believing he has a lot more support online than he really does.

Terrence Daniels, a social media strategist at Real Progressives, posted a video to Twitter on Wednesday that exposes thousands of fake Twitter accounts bought to boost re-tweets and comments, a strategy designed to make it appear as though Biden’s message is resonating with Democrats.

“So we’re here at Joe Biden’s Twitter account, and we’re going to his statement about fake news,” Daniels said in the video, laughing at the irony.

“We go down here and we can see 6,000 likes and 1,000 re-tweets, which already should be putting up red flags,” he said.

Daniels scrolled the comments and clicked randomly on the user’s profile.

“You see this, this is a fake account,” Daniels said, showing the inactive account history. “Never tweeted. Never done anything.”

He repeated the process for other commenters and repeatedly came to the same conclusion – fake accounts regularly comment on and like Biden’s posts to artificially inflate his social media numbers.

“Again, boom. Fake account,” Daniels said as he clicked on another profile.

“Now, I went through here last night and did this thousands of times, so it is now completely obvious they’re just running the same server farm that they were running in 2016,” he said.

“Some of them you can go and they have the account all the way set up, some of them are real people, but then you got literally thousands that they’ve bought that are 100 percent” fake, Daniels said. “They don’t even have … their pictures set up yet. They literally have just made these accounts and if you guys go through there you can see there are thousands of these accounts.”

Daniels also offered his own personal assessment of Democrats vying to take on Trump in 2020, and it’s clear he’s not a big fan of the frontrunner.

“Now I’m sure he’s going to get on there and say ‘oh, somebody bought them and I have no idea who did it,’” Daniels mocked with a laugh.

“But look, man, you’re caught, right?” he said.

“Bernie, Tulsi support is 100 percent grassroots,” Daniels said. “Yours is again bought by millionaires, corruption in the DNC.

“So I’m going to post this video. You guys can like it, share it out, but look, there’s the truth guys. You can see all of his tweets – every single one of them – has got these, you know, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 5,000 on one.”

The embarrassing scandal comes amid numerous other gaffes by the Biden campaign in recent weeks, including plagiarism in policy plans posted to his website, ever-shifting positions on abortion, the climate, and other issues, and tasteless jokes about serious allegations the former vice president has a bad habit of making women and children uncomfortable by caressing them and sniffing their hair.

It also surfaced just days after Biden promised to “not take part in the spread of disinformation over social media in his campaign for president, including rejecting the use of deep fake videos, synthetic social media accounts and bot networks,” Politico reports.