Even food wasn’t enough to lure South Carolinians into hearing Bill de Blasio speak.

The New York City mayor was campaigning in South Carolina this weekend and only 15 people turned out to a breakfast held for his campaign.

De Blasio was joined by Orangeburg Mayor Michael Butler.

The photo posted by NY1’s Grace Rauh shows several empty seats, despite the small expected turnout.

The New York Post confirmed the 15-attendee number:

Mayor de Blasio spoke after drawing just 15 people at a breakfast event.

While much of the day’s focus was on Biden, de Blasio’s mind apparently was stuck in 2016. His target of choice was Hillary Clinton.

“I want to be the president of working people,” he said. “Lets be real: In 2016, too many Americans weren’t sure this party was on the side of the working people.”

It’s not clear if Legoman was counted in the 15 attendees: