Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s 70th birthday will be one to remember!

Warren celebrated the day she debuted in the world – June 22, 1949 – surrounded by folks who believe it’s a woman’s “right” to deny their children the same opportunity. The bizarre scene unfolded backstage at a Saturday Planned Parenthood forum for Democrats vying for the 2020 nomination, where abortion advocates sang Warren an enthusiastic, off-key Happy Birthday and whooped and hollered in celebration.

“What better way to celebrate my birthday than right here with Planned Parenthood?” Warren said in a video of the festivities posted to Twitter.

It took about two nanoseconds for folks online to pounce.

“Warren celebrates her birthday with those who make a fortune preventing millions of babies from having a birthday?!? Andy Schreiber posted.

“Lots of birth privilege going on here,” Yemick Soume added.

“Preventing birthdays since 1920,” Rabbi Joe wrote.

Since the 1973 decision of Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood has killed nearly 8 million babies legally in the United States, including 332,757 in 2017-18 – the most since 2012 – while reaping $563.8 million in taxpayer dollars, according to the group’s latest annual report.

Planned Parenthood reported $244.8 million in profit, and experts have shown abortions are the organization’s biggest money maker.

Those abortions disproportionately involve women of color, ironically a critical demographic for Warren and other 2020 Democrats, all of which support expanding access.

In South Carolina, where the forum was held, black women represent 40 percent of abortions, though only 27 percent of the population is black, data shows.

Nationally, about the same percentage of abortions involve black women, while less than 13 percent of the U.S. population is black.

Regardless, Warren said she’s “proud” of her affiliation with Planned Parenthood and strongly supports abortion.

“I was glad to celebrate with you, and I’m proud to fight alongside you for reproductive justice!” Warren posted to Twitter.

Planned Parenthood held the 2020 candidate forum “because we’re in a state of emergency for women’s health in the United States. In 2019, 26 abortion band have been passed in dozens of states.”

Warren told those who attended that she wants to codify Roe v. Wade into law, repeal the Hyde Amendment preventing Medicaid funded abortions, and ensure illegal immigrants and women in prison have access to abortion services, the Washington Examiner reports.

All of the 19 other Democrats at the forum suggested similar ideas to expand on the “right” to kill unborn babies, particularly for minority and low-income women.

And of course Warren vowed to “make sure that Planned Parenthood stays fully funded.”

“It is not 1952,” Warren said at the event. “You’re not going to lock women back I n the kitchen. You are not going to tell us what to do.”