Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence are — perhaps coincidentally — cancelling their plans today.

#BREAKING,” KANN correspondent Amachai Stein tweeted this morning. “Putin cancelling his plans for today. The Kremlin says he will be meeting with his defence minister very urgently.”

Journalist Bryan MacDonald claims Putin’s change of plans comes after 14 Russian sailors died “on a secretive deep sea submersible vessel.”

Meanwhile, Vice President Pence was en route to New Hampshire when his plane was turned around and headed back to Washington, DC.

The New York Post reports:

Vice President Mike Pence’s airplane was called back to Washington and a scheduled event in New Hampshire was canceled over an unspecified emergency, according to a report.

His plane was expected to land in Manchester around 11:30 a.m. when he was called back to DC.

A spokesperson tells NBC News the change of plans was due to an “emergency,” according to the paper.

“There’s been an emergency callback,” Pence rep Randy Gentry told the crowd in New Hampshire, according to the Post. “The vice president was asked to return to Washington so at this time we’re going to cancel today’s event.”

Stein adds the EU Commission Security Council “has been called for a meeting.”

Pence spokeswoman Alyssa Farah insists via Twitter that “It’s no cause for alarm.”

Tribunal Report, a Twitter account dedicated to “documenting high profile judicial and military justice activities,” shared flight information indicating Air Force One was “escorting” Pence’s plane back to Washington, D.C.

It also published an unconfirmed report that a plane First Lady Melania Trump uses — with the call sign Venus91 — departed Washington for an “unknown location.”