RevCom — short for Revolutionary Communist Party — burned an American flag on Independence Day and clashed with Secret Service agents outside the White House.

As President Trump and freedom-loving Americans celebrate liberty, communists denounced it.

Video shows a flag going up in flames:

A large ball of flame went up as a man in a Make America Great Again shirt tried to put it out, ultimately extinguishing it with his bare hands.

He then charged into the crowd, seeking a little street justice on behalf of Old Glory.

Here’s another angle:

The day before, RevCom protesters were outside the African-American History Museum and stood on the flag, saying they were going to “barbecue” it outside the White House.

Another video tweeted by Alejandro Alvarez shows agitators clashing with Secret Service agents on Pennsylvania Avenue:

RevCom activists taunted agents as at least two of their comrades were detained by police.