Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren told IfNotNow that if she’s elected president in 2020, she will pressure Israeli government to end its “occupation” in the Middle East.

“BREAKING: Our members in New Hampshire just asked @ewarren if she would commit to pressuring the Israel to stop their 52 year military Occupation of the Palestinian people,” the group posted to Twitter with a video of the encounter. “She said YES.”

The clip recorded Monday features two members of IfNotNow meeting Warren at a campaign event in front of a massive American flag, as other recorded with their phones.

“Hi, we’re American Jews. We really love the way you’re fighting corruption,” IfNotNew member Becca Lubow told Warren, taking the senator’s hand. “We’d really love it if you also pushed the Israeli government to end occupation.”

“Yes, yes,” Warren said, moving to shake hands with Becca’s partner. “So I’m there.”

“Excellent,” Lubow replied, “Thank you. So nice to meet you.”

Warren then quickly shifted between the two for a quick photo.

IfNotNow is a movement of young American Jews who have vowed “to end our community’s support for the occupation” of Israel.

“The occupation is a daily nightmare for those who live under it and a moral disaster for those who support and administer it,” the group’s website reads. “IfNotNow is working to transform the American Jewish community’s support for occupation into a call for freedom and dignity for all.”

The girls were stoked about Warren’s support for their cause, and the group put out a press release to celebrate.

“In the past, Warren has regularly spoken of Israel as a strong ally in a tough neighborhood and has appeared at AIPAC events and used right-wing talking points. But as her career has gone on, of the 60 Democrats to boycott Netanyahu’s speech in Congress, she supported the Iran Deal, spoke out against the Embassy move, and opposes efforts to criminalize the BDS movement,” the statement read.

“More recently, she introduced a resolution decrying Netanyahu’s proposal to annex the West Bank and was one of the few politicians to speak out in opposition to Israeli government policy of sniper fire against Palestinian protesters in Gaza during the Great March of Return. But, until today, she had yet to commit to putting direct pressure on the Israeli government to end the Occupation.”

Lubow said Warren’s “new, bold commitment” was “exciting to hear.”

“I eagerly await the specifics,” she said.

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Warren isn’t the first 2020 Democrat to win the group’s adoration.

Last month several members posed with Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders behind a sign that read “Jews Against the Occupation.”

“Our members in NH just asked @BernieSanders if he’s also an anti-Occupation Jew and looks like the answer is YES!” IfNotNow tweeted in June.

Regardless, many folks online aren’t convinced Warren’s commitment is the real deal.

“She literally said ‘yes’ before they finished talking,” ryan posted to Twitter. “idk how much I trust her word.”

“She was barely listening, like there’s no ‘commitment’ as you mention – especially when her record is entirely against that,” Thomas added.

“Seems to me IfNotNow should disclose that one of their cofounders now works for her,” TheBayAreaBuzz wrote.