Liberal insiders are mocking former vice president Joe Biden for his response to a sex assault survivor who confronted the career politician about her concerns with conservatives on the Supreme Court.

In a video recorded at a recent campaign stop in Iowa, the woman explained to Biden the trauma she endured by attending the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and asked what he plans to do about the conservative majority if elected president.

Biden’s answer was to repeatedly touch the woman and invade her personal space as he shot down suggestions to counter the conservative court as non-starters, while also touting his efforts decades ago to prevent violence against women.

“Sexual assault survivor in Iowa tells Biden she was horrified by Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Court and wants to know how Dems will counter the GOP’s Court takeover: ‘I just want to know what the plan is?’” Brian Fallon, former aide to Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and Eric Holder, posted to Twitter, along with a video.

“Biden, in reply, basically admits he has no plan,” Fallon wrote.

“I want to express to you a concern I have about the courts, and I know that other people have asked you about this too, but I’m a survivor of sexual assault and I was at the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, and to watch somebody who is morally unqualified and also unfit be elevated to a lifetime position in the courts was absolutely devastating,” the unidentified woman told Biden as cameras recorded the conversation from multiple angles.

“And I’m concerned. It touches everything you talked about today, immigration, gun rights, LGBT … rights,” the woman said as Biden took her hand and cut her off.

“I’m the guy that wrote the Violence Against Women Act,” Biden said with a wide-eyed expression, “with my own hand.”

“But here’s the deal, if you pack the court it’s going to come back to eat us alive,” he said.

“And I don’t think that’s just the only option we have,” the woman responded as Biden continued to cradle her right hand with both of his. “I mean there’s term limits, rotating planning, there’s other things we can do, but I’m concerned that if we don’t have a plan to address what’s going on …”

“I have a plan,” Biden interjected, releasing the woman’s hand to embrace her shoulder, “but I’m not going to pack the court and or do term limits, you need a constitutional amendment to begin with, number one.

“Number two, no one is going to be put in the lower court or the circuit court of appeals that doesn’t understand the right to privacy, that doesn’t understand the idea that you’re going to be held accountable for your actions,” Biden said as he pulled the woman closer by her arm, repeatedly pointing his old wrinkled finger at her chest to punctuate his point.

“That’s how we were able to keep (U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Robert) Bork off the court and others.”

“And I understand that, but I just want to know what the plan is,” the woman said as Biden closed in to pose for a photo.

“Well, the plan is to appoint the right people, that’s the plan,” Biden shot back as he released his embrace and raised his voice. “There’s a lot of vacancies in the lower courts, too. But if we go and do the court packing thing, we’re in real trouble.”

The woman was clearly not sold on Biden’s non-answer but relented nonetheless.

“Ok, well alright, thank you for your answer,” she said, turning to the camera with a half-hearted smile.